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I got to talk to cansugray yesterday I missed her a lot.

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Power Trip- Suffer No Fool 

Shove them into crosshairs, not some fucking spotlight 
It’s systematic moral absence 
Symptomatic genetic abcess 
Sadistic minds when allowed to breed, will bring the world to its knees

Twisted like your DNA 
A mental defect, you will never be saved 
You must writhe behind death’s shadow 

We cannot hide, the pain is real 
We find the strength to suffer no fool 
So tear the plight, up by the roots 
Nature’s law will suffer no fool 
We must fight, and we must kill 
You and I must suffer no fool 

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"I’d rather your first introduction to esoterism be through me, someone who can back up the things I’m talking about, rather than someone whose just putting an upside down cross on a record and saying “Devil worship!” I wish ten years ago I had the knowledge I have now. I wish there was an artist then for me who had the reading list too. It’s the nature of esoterism. But no, I’m not worried about people misreading my message. Some people incorrectly think I’m a Satanist. I don’t dislike Satanists. I have many friends who are but none of what I talk about is Satanism. I do not dislike that belief, I think it’s important. A lot of my friends work in the black arts and they perform rituals that are powerful and amazing and they accomplish a great deal in their lives. I don’t know what it equates to in the after world. I won’t tell anyone what happens when we die. I do know how it makes me feel when I practice things of that nature and it’s not right for my nature. That’s the only reason I make the distinction. I don’t want to sell something to people for the sake of shock. I wouldn’t present something that I don’t actually represent. More than anything else I try to represent myself."

Sam Lefebvre talked to T.J. Cowgill from King Dude about Psychic TV, the occult and politics. Read the entire interview here.

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Who remembers this movie haha
Anonymous said: tell us your secrets



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Explosions In The Sky // Your Hand In Mine

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Gats phone booth @ The PalletSpace

Father and Son?

I love his smile.
Also yes, 18 inch Cherno Alpha figure is coming.

Holy fuck

 Timbre Postal, 1993