Claro Que No

Trying to better myself

Instragram: xlvintheyouthx

What can I do

Tomorrow I have 3 days off with nothing to do.

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Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak

Hell yesssssss

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Thin Lizzy
The Boys Are Back in Town
1976 Vertigo Records

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I just constantly feel disappointed in myself. I feel like everything I’ve done and everything I do to get better isn’t something that should be seen as commendable, it is a constant reminder that I’m just a flawed, fucked up, shitty person. Why do I always fuck things up? Because I’m just a solid fuck up. Ya big fucking whop I made it two months without doing drugs or drinking. Fuck you, Zach, you have lived 22 years as a fucking loser.

Hey bro please don’t say this about yourself man you are not a fuck up or anything close to that my dude please do you’re best to stay strong man things will get brighter for you man.

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You are too perfect I still remember so much things you said when we first started talking. You are rad I hope you know that. Idk if you read this and you say shit that’s me then yes it’s you.

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Walnut Creek, CA 


— Akira Kurosawa, Iriku  (via stxxz)

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xlvintheyouthx (つ∀`*)

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When I’m bored and my mates ignore me I like to sketch.

Dude this is too rad

Saturday July 19th.
I will be painting LIVE and making men and women into mutants from Mars. Watch me paint whatever monster wants to come out of my head, and take a picture in the Super Ugly Mutant Maker. I will be setting up shop and spreading the word of UGLY, with New Prints, T-Shirts,and Check Please! Books. ZeroFriends SF 419 Lower Haight. 
More Details to Follow
#art #artlife #zerofriendssf #zerofriends #Lowerhaight #uglife #drawnsylvania #liveart #sf #mutant cc: @zerofriendsart@davecorreia @alexpardee @rat136 @wayshak@quake1986 (at Zerofriends SF)

The man amazing art support him


*goes hard in mortal kombat 4 stress relief*

I hella suck at that game mannnn.

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san pablo, oakland

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